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Rules of Participation

  1. Performance times as indicated for each section must be strictly adhered to. Ensembles do not need to prepare enough music to reach the time limit, however performances cannot run overtime. Changeover times between performances of 2 to 5 minutes are programmed into the schedule.
  2. No set pieces will be required for any section. Consideration will be given to the standard of the music chosen, its appropriateness to the group and to the variety and balance of the program.
  3. Ensemble members of a performing ensemble/band must be students currently attending the school entered and should be regular members of that group. Requests for any variation to this must be submitted for approval by the Concert Band Spectacular event co-ordinator.
  4. Adjudication scores are required for all ensembles/bands. One copy of all scores must be submitted to the Festival check-in desk upon arrival at the event. Any changes to instrumentation from what the score suggests should be indicated on the score for the adjudicators consideration. For ensembles that don’t work from a full score (i.e. Contemporary, Instrumental Ensembles, etc) a lead sheet should be provided for adjudicator reference.
  5. Selection of repertoire is at the discretion of each individual conductor.
  6. Collection of materials: An adjudication package consisting of the submitted score and adjudication comments will be available immediately upon the completion of each section. These will be available for collection from the main check-in desk.
  7. Audio recordings of all ensembles will be made available to your school via email once these recordings are finalised (your patience is appreciated).
  8. Equipment listed as ‘provided’ on stage setups is the only equipment supplied by the event, and is for performances only. No equipment is supplied by the event for use in the warm-up rooms.
  9. Warm-up areas are clearly marked, and ensembles must be in allocated areas at the specified times. In consideration of others performing, student must be extremely quiet in the final waiting area and respond promptly to backstage crew requests.
  10. Accompaniment: Where appropriate, ensembles/bands will be allowed a non-student accompanist.
  11. Food and drink will be available for sale during the event.
  12. Venue entry fees: Please advise parents and others in your community that they will need to purchase a ticket to attend as audience members ($10 Adults or $5 for concession Holders; Children no charge). Tickets are valid for all venues all weekend. Tickets can be purchased at the front of all venues.
  13. EFTPOS facilities will be available at the event for your convenience.
  14. Security Considerations:
    • Students are not permitted in the backstage areas unless required for a performance.
    • Adult supervision of your students is your responsibility at all times.
    • Please instruct your participants that it is advised that valuables never be left unattended at any time.